About Heritage

We help leaders tell great stories.

Who We Are

Heritage Brands is a team of strategists, producers, and guides, dedicated to helping leaders leverage expertise & increase impact in the digital age.

We help experts articulate and publish their thinking in ways that drive marketplace authority and revenue growth. 

Our work exists at the intersection of expertise and storytelling. We unite the latest thinking in content marketing with proven strategies in sales techniques and deep expertise in platforming to help our clients “put themselves out there” better — in ways that help them stand out from their competitors, find better new business, and become more profitable.

Core Values

Story — What You Say

We believe that what you say about yourself and your business or brand matters. We believe in effective positioning, and in the articulation of your message and your expertise in media and formats that work for you and your audience.

“You contain multitudes.”
— Walt Whitman

Strategy — Why You Say It

Without an effective strategy guiding your efforts, your work will fail to achieve the desired impact. Creating the right strategy is always worth the investment.

“Begin with the end in mind.”
— Simon Sinek, Start with Why, 2009

Excellence — How You Say It

Our clients expect excellence from us, we expect the same in return. Our aim is tactical excellence in all of the actions that flow from our strategic thinking.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”
— Aristotle

executive leadership team

Franklin McGuire, Jr.

Founder + Managing Partner

Franklin’s journey into executive visibility began when a leading public figure approached him for help crafting a digital persona and online reputation in advance of a major election. The project was a success, and Heritage Brands was born.

Franklin is a veteran of the US Army, with extensive experience in leadership, e-commerce, and entrepreneurship. He graduated first in his class from The Citadel, and is currently completing a JD/MBA from the University of South Carolina.

Johnnie Matthews

Managing Parter

Johnnie Matthews began his professional career early, starting a band in high school that later signed to Atlantic Records. He has helped run a recording studio and a record label in Charleston, SC, and served as Director of Marketing for a large multistate franchise group. In addition, he has led marketing teams for the Department of Defense and helped launch a successful branding agency.

Start with a personalized Strategic Roadmap™

We are here to help you define your goals, clarify the vision for where you want to go, and build a plan to get there.

The Strategic Roadmap™ provides you with a personalized, executable 12 month content strategy system that will guide your journey toward becoming a more Visible Executive™.