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We can help you articulate and publish your thinking in ways that increase marketplace authority and drive growth.

Our work exists at the intersection of expertise and storytelling. We unite the latest thinking in content marketing with proven strategies in sales and content systems to help our clients “put themselves out there” better — in ways that help them stand out, become more profitable, and have greater impact.

Heritage Brands has revolutionized the way that I do business and establish my digital credibility and executive visibility. With their expert strategies and systems, I’ve been empowered to become a thought leader, publish compelling LinkedIn content, and ultimately lead to my unparalleled success in the digital landscape.

Danny Pritchard
Special Forces Veteran & Venture Capitalist
Austin, TX

Does this sound like you?

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The Entrepreneurial Leader

Are you a mission-driven leader with a wealth of knowledge, but no plan for how to share it? Perhaps you’ve started or scaled a seven figure business, and completed an exit that has you ready to see what is next. Implementing a thought leadership strategy is a powerful way to stand out and solidify your reputation as a leading expert.

Founders & Business Owners
Mission-Driven Innovators
C-Suite Executives

The Public Figure

If you are a leaders in the public arena, there is an increased necessity to control the narrative and portray an authentic persona as a successful leader. Using a thought leadership strategy to improve your visibility within your target audience is a great way to own your voice and manage your impact. 

Aspiring & Elected Officials
Government & Military Leaders
Leaders Transitioning from public office to private industry


The Passionate Philanthropist

One of the most effective tools you have is your reputation. Your words and actions matter — to your team, your Board, and those who work for or with you on the front lines. Using your digital reputation and thought leadership can be another strategic tool to impact and lead as you seek to give back.

Non-profit Leaders
Foundation Heads

Red flags

Before we go any further, it is important to note who is NOT a good fit.

  1. We don’t work with leaders or experts who fail to remember the journey that got them to where they are today — we check our egos at the door, and choose to work with those who do the same, with an abundance mindset and a posture of gratitude.
  2. We don’t serve “gurus” or “self-proclaimed” experts who are still mostly “faking it” instead of “making it.” While we’re keenly aware of how challenging it can be for some leaders to accept their worth, there is a distinct difference between a legitimate expert with imposter syndrome and a snake oil salesman.
  3. We don’t work with individuals or entities who struggle to justify the $2,950 cost of a Strategic Roadmap as a starting point for our work together. Clients are regularly blown away by the value provided through that process. For long-term work together our minimum engagement is $15,000 and can climb significantly from there depending on the scope and individual goals.
  4. Lastly, we’re not typically a good long-term fit for solopreneurs with less than $250,000 in annual revenue, BUT some have gotten significant value from the Strategic Roadmap.

The team

Heritage Brands is a team of strategists, producers, and guides, dedicated to helping leaders leverage expertise & increase impact in the digital age.

Start with a personalized Strategic Roadmap™

We are here to help you define your goals, clarify the vision for where you want to go, and build a plan to get there. 

The Strategic Roadmap™ provides you with a personalized, executable 12 month content strategy system that will guide your journey toward becoming a more Visible Executive™.