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We serve discerning leaders and ORGANIZATIONS

We empower you to define and convey your insights, enhancing your authority in the marketplace and driving growth.

At the core of our services is the fusion of deep expertise and compelling storytelling. By integrating our marketing insights and leadership with established sales strategies and proven content frameworks, we guide our clients toward effectively showcasing their unique value. This approach elevates their visibility, boosts profitability, and amplifies their impact.

Heritage Brands has revolutionized the way that I do business and establish my digital credibility and executive visibility. With their expert strategies and systems, I’ve been empowered to become a thought leader, publish compelling LinkedIn content, and ultimately lead to my unparalleled success in the digital landscape.

Danny Pritchard
Special Forces Veteran & Venture Capitalist
Austin, TX

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The Established BRAND

Is your well-established brand facing issues due to outdated positioning and a lack of marketing strategy and leadership? Let’s strengthen your brand by reassessing and updating your market stance and approach to align with evolving market expectations, which will drive value and ensure legacy.

Seasoned Industry Leaders
Legacy Corporations
Brands Seeking Revitalization

The Emerging Brand

Are you guiding a new brand that lacks a defined market position and clear marketing direction? With the potential for growth yet missing a strategic approach, establishing a targeted narrative and seasoned marketing leadership is crucial for your brand’s advancement—transition from an unnoticed newcomer to a recognized industry player.

Emerging Entrepreneurs
Growth-Seeking Founders
Innovators Needing Clarity


The Entrepreneurial Leader

Are you a mission-driven leader with a wealth of knowledge but no plan for sharing it? Perhaps you’ve started or scaled a seven-figure business and completed an exit that has you ready to see what’s next. Implementing a thought leadership strategy is a powerful way to stand out and solidify your reputation as a leading expert.

Founders & Business Owners
Mission-Driven Innovators
C-Suite Executives

The Public Figure

If you are a leader in the public arena, there is an increased necessity to control the narrative and portray an authentic persona as a successful leader. A thought leadership strategy to improve your visibility within your target audience is a great way to own your voice and manage your impact. 

Aspiring & Elected Officials
Government & Military Leaders
Leaders Transitioning from public office to private industry

Alignment Check

Before we proceed, let’s clarify who might not benefit from our partnership:

  1. We are not the right fit for leaders, brands, or organizations that overlook the significance of their journey to current success. We value humility and collaboration, seeking partnerships with those who share this mindset and embracing abundance and gratitude.
  2. We do not align with self-titled “gurus” or brands that lack authentic expertise and achievement. There’s a clear line between genuine experts facing self-doubt and those pretending to have solutions. We focus on those with genuine knowledge seeking to elevate their actual value.
  3. Our services are not suited for individuals, brands, or organizations unprepared to invest in their growth. The initial investment in our Strategic Roadmap starts at $2,950 for individuals and $4,950 for organizations, recognized by clients for its substantial value. Our minimum engagement fee for ongoing collaborations is $15,000, varying with scope and objectives.

The team


Start with a personalized Strategic Roadmap™

We are here to assist in defining or refining your positioning and marketing objectives, clarifying your destination, and crafting a roadmap. The Strategic Roadmap™ delivers a tailored, actionable 12-month marketing strategy, propelling your leadership and company forward with authenticity and authority.