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own your voice.

We help leaders & experts build, grow, & monetize their influence.

The Strategic Roadmap™

This 30+ page personalized content strategy system is designed exclusively to help Experts like you achieve your goals.

At the end of the 2-3 week process, you will have — for perhaps the first time ever — a clear vision and direction for where you want to go and what you need to do to get there.

Strategy precedes action

Goals without action are empty dreams. Action without strategy is wasted energy.

We believe individual actions (blog writing, LinkedIn posts, manuscripts, etc.) should not be executed without first defining a strategy. And the strategy should be informed by specific goals and positioning.

Therefore, we start every engagement by working with you to understand your goals and ideal positioning in your market space. The results of that exercise then drive our strategic recommendations and service actions.

The Contents

Your goals and objectives will be clearly articulated and mapped into actionable tasks with 30+ pages of research and recommendations.

Your  STRATEGIC ROADMAP™ will include:

5-7 Key Recommendations, with extensive guidance on how to achieve them

1-3 Avatars who are achieving success in your industry, including extensive research and analysis

IF our research leads us to conclude that a podcast or digital course should be an element of your strategy your delivery will include a proposed podcast plan AND/OR a digital course curriculum outline

Master Planning Calendar (MPC) connected through Google Cal, iCal, or Outlook, populated with milestones which will guide your time and efforts for the next twelve months across your thought leadership activities — LinkedIn, strategic planning, writing/recording, etc.
(Many clients say this is the first time they’ve ever had a grasp on what they actually need to do, and when and how they need to do it.)

The Process

From Discovery to Delivery:

1.5-2 hour Discovery Session

Follow-up calls and meetings as needed to clarify points uncovered during discovery

Open access to us, via email, during the 2-3 week period between your Discovery Session and your Delivery Session

1.5-2 hour Delivery Presentation including:

  • Page by page explanation of your personalized roadmap
  • Open discussion Q&A with you and any team members you want to include
  • Explanation of specific next steps for you and your team
  • Cover any specific technical training that you and/or your team need to begin executing your plan 


With these resources in-hand, you will have everything you need to get started on your journey on your own, or with the aid of an in-house team.

If we are a good fit to execute your plan, a proposal for ongoing work together will be presented as a 3 month contract.


Before diving deeper, let’s ensure the Strategic Roadmap is the right fit for you. 

Remember Your Journey:

We value collaboration with leaders and experts who recognize the steps that brought them success. If you’re one to cherish the journey and check your ego at the door, you’re our kind of person.

Legitimate Expertise vs. ‘Faking it’:

While we empathize with genuine experts battling imposter syndrome, we don’t cater to self-proclaimed “gurus” without concrete expertise.

Investment in Growth:

If the initial cost for the Strategic Roadmap seems challenging, this may not be the right journey for you. Our clients regularly find immense value in this investment, and for those looking at a long-term relationship, our base engagement starts at $15,000, with variations based on individual goals and scope.

Revenue Considerations:

While we typically align best with entities generating more than $250,000 annually, solopreneurs beneath this threshold have found great value in the Strategic Roadmap.

Are you ready to start your journey?

When you purchase, we’ll reach out within 48 hours to schedule your discovery call. We can’t wait to get started helping you own your voice!


If you’re an expert or solopreneur planning to undertake the journey of a Strategic Roadmap™ by yourself (i.e. you’re the only one present during the scheduled discovery and delivery calls, and you’re planning to implement our strategic recommendations primarily on your own), then you’re best suited for the Individual roadmap. If you’re an expert or leader of an expert team planning to undertake the journey of a Strategic Roadmap™ with your team (i.e. you’re present with 1-2 of your team members for our scheduled discovery and delivery calls, and you’re planning to implement our strategic recommendations with your team on behalf of your organization or business), then you’re best suited for the Team or Business roadmap.

With millennials now accounting for the largest share of today’s corporate buyers (see the WSJ’s “Millennials Are Changing What It Takes to Succeed in Sales” from November 2022), there’s never been a more important time to build trust and establish expertise with your audience. Studies indicate that millennial and Gen Z buyers will anonymously research you and your expert services firm long before they reach out to start a sales conversation. Will you pass that test and earn their business?

An active digital presence establishes credibility, expands reach, and fosters trust in our digital age. Being absent digitally can limit opportunities and impact brand trust. Essentially, it’s not just about being seen, but about building meaningful relationships with your target audience.

People connect differently with personal brands than they do with organizations. By differentiating the two, you can create genuine touchpoints with your audience, offering educational insights without eliciting an overt “marketing feel.” Coupling a strong personal brand with an established organization’s brand is a requirement in today’s digital age if you want to stand out.

Yes! We aim to empower you to lead confidently with the tools we provide. However, should you need support, we’re here to help at various levels of engagement.

Personal branding is about authenticity, not vanity. Emphasize these proven personal branding fundamentals to your leaders:

  • Trust in individuals over corporations.
  • Credibility enhancement.
  • Authentic and broader reach.
  • Relationship-driven sales.
  • Enhanced brand visibility.
  • Thought leadership’s educational value.
  • The necessity of a digital presence in today’s age.

Thought leadership is a long-term play. Here’s how you can measure its impact:

  • Monitor content engagement (likes, shares, comments).
  • Track quality of conversations and references.
  • Observe follower/subscriber growth.
  • Record feedback and direct interactions.
  • Analyze website traffic patterns.
  • Recognize long-term opportunities like partnerships.
  • Assess influence in decision-making and audience retention. 


In essence, the value of thought leadership is multifaceted, driving both immediate engagement and long-term trust.