You Contain Multitudes: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

I spent some time updating my LinkedIn personal profile today. As I did, I thought about the wild convergence of experiences and opportunities over the last fifteen or so years that have turned me into the person who I am today — and this made me think about Walt Whitman’s line from Song of Myself: […]

Thinking About Thought Leadership: Resources for Experts

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I get more and more questions lately from leaders and experts in my network who are all asking me some version of the same question: “Franklin, I want to be a recognized leader in my space — I think it will be good for business, and it’s something I just want for myself anyway, at […]

What is a “heritage brand” and how to become one in the digital age

“What’s in a name?”: The backstory of Heritage Brands We do a lot of work here at Heritage helping our clients amplify their brands online and connect with their target audiences through meaningful content, delivered in a timely manner, published on the platforms most relevant to our clients’ brands and their audiences. Put more simply, […]