Top 5 Ways I Get Inspiration for LinkedIn Content

I spent 6 months thinking about writing on LinkedIn. Once I finally started posting regularly, within just four months I had over 60 discovery calls, and had closed $300K in deals — a number that easily could have been even higher! So that you don’t lose 182 DAYS and $X thinking about posting like I […]

You Contain Multitudes: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

I spent some time updating my LinkedIn personal profile today. As I did, I thought about the wild convergence of experiences and opportunities over the last fifteen or so years that have turned me into the person who I am today — and this made me think about Walt Whitman’s line from Song of Myself: […]

How to Use Your Podcast to Create LinkedIn Content

Podcasting is one of the best ways to become a visible and authentic online expert.  Much like publishing a book, a great podcast will show your audience how much you know about the subject matter you’re talking about and allow them to get to know you uniquely.  The best part about podcasting is that — […]

How to Name Your Podcast

You have decided to start a podcast; you have a concept and a plan; you may already have some guests lined up, or the theme music picked out. But you still need a podcast name.  Choosing what to name your podcast can be a daunting process. It may feel like choosing what to wear to […]

Thinking About Thought Leadership: Resources for Experts

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I get more and more questions lately from leaders and experts in my network who are all asking me some version of the same question: “Franklin, I want to be a recognized leader in my space — I think it will be good for business, and it’s something I just want for myself anyway, at […]

What is a “heritage brand” and how to become one in the digital age

“What’s in a name?”: The backstory of Heritage Brands We do a lot of work here at Heritage helping our clients amplify their brands online and connect with their target audiences through meaningful content, delivered in a timely manner, published on the platforms most relevant to our clients’ brands and their audiences. Put more simply, […]