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Top 5 Ways I Get Inspiration for LinkedIn Content

I spent 6 months thinking about writing on LinkedIn.

Once I finally started posting regularly, within just four months I had over 60 discovery calls, and had closed $300K in deals — a number that easily could have been even higher!

So that you don’t lose 182 DAYS and $X thinking about posting like I did, here are the top 5 ways I get inspiration…

1. Begin Journaling

Write down any thoughts you want to come back to. I keep a small pocket-sized notebook, literally in my pocket, with me at all times. NOTE: Not every entry has to a ‘full entry!’

I’ll scribble a word, article, podcast, etc. and then later I can expand if/when I come back to it.

2. People

Leaders, creators, mentors, friends, family. Interesting people are all around us. Some not so interesting too. Inspiration can come from anywhere.

Be a sponge. Listen, absorb, analyze, share.

3. Podcasts, podcasts, and some more podcasts.

They’re everywhere.

About literally, EVERYTHING.

Note: I listen to at least one new, random podcast per week along side my regulars.

If you’re looking for something new, try Parade, with Ryan Musselman or Billion Dollar Backstory with Stacy Havener.

3. Books.

I admit, I am guilty of starting and not finishing every book. BUT, without fail, reading leads to inspiration.

Sometimes that’s why I stop. I get too excited to write about it to finish reading it.

My current list:
Sell Without Selling Out – Andy Paul
Neurological Intelligence – Glenn S. Cohen

5. Google Alerts

At you can register to receive alerts based on keywords, people, and industry-related phrases. You can get an email any time a set alert is in the news in real time.

You can use the alerts to #newsjack the stories, adding your thoughts and opinions into breaking news stories.

The hardest part is getting started.

Don’t wait until you have a perfect system, process, or niche.

Just start.

Get in the habit.




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