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Creating a Content System: From Blog Posts to Podcasts, How RudderStack Fuels Customer Acquisition | Own Your Voice Episode 01

On the inaugural episode of “Own Your Voice” hosted by Franklin McGuire Jr., an enlightening exchange transpired with Brooks Patterson, a mastermind in content marketing at RudderStack. The spotlight was on Patterson in this episode, aptly named “Creating a Content System: From Blog Posts to Podcasts, How RudderStack Fuels Customer Acquisition,” where they demystified content marketing, the craft of storytelling, and the secret recipe to creating winning podcasts.

Patterson’s Adventure at RudderStack: Making Data More Powerful

Patterson, an early member of the RudderStack family, paints a vivid picture of their journey with the company. RudderStack is a customer data platform designed to help businesses collect, unify, and unleash the potential of customer data. At the helm of content marketing at RudderStack, Patterson juggles many responsibilities, from managing the blog and social media to supporting their acclaimed podcast. Patterson’s vision is to fuel RudderStack’s growth and spotlight the podcast, all while nurturing a well-rounded approach to content marketing.

Crafting a Robust Content Strategy: Merging SEO and Diverse Content

RudderStack leaves no stone unturned to address the varied needs of its audience by deploying a holistic content strategy that beautifully marries SEO techniques with diverse content forms. A myriad of directories on their website caters to different stages of the customer journey. A prime example is their directory for data engineer developers, serving as a treasure trove of solutions for data transfer. With RudderStack’s intelligent automation, new webpages are continuously added, ensuring they meet their audience’s evolving needs. By leveraging RudderStack’s tools alongside platforms like Mixpanel, they gain deep insights into the customer journey, enabling them to assess their content strategy’s effectiveness and brainstorm innovative experiments.

Inside “The Data Stack Show”: The Journey of an Influential Podcast

Patterson is the operational mastermind behind “The Data Stack Show,” a podcast that amplifies RudderStack’s data expertise. The podcast, originally initiated by Eric Dodds and Costas Pardales, invited Patterson to manage the operational aspects, giving the hosts the liberty to concentrate on producing the show. With a staggering success run of over two and a half years and close to 140 episodes, the podcast has etched a formidable presence in the data community.

Engagement Over Promotion: Building Authentic Connections

Patterson firmly believes podcasts serve as a potent branding tool and are not solely lead-generation instruments. Podcasts can potentially reach and captivate audiences otherwise inaccessible to the company. To maintain this charm, the podcast veers away from being excessively product-centric, focusing on delivering intriguing and valuable content for the listeners. Occasional mentions of the company are made, but the company and the show maintain their distinct identities to retain authenticity.

The Podcasting Tightrope: Balancing Challenges and Expectations

Kickstarting and sustaining a successful podcast isn’t a walk in the park. Patterson acknowledges the importance of setting realistic expectations and investing adequate time and resources. Their respect for their audience’s commitment and ability to walk the tightrope between engagement and promotional efforts have been instrumental in the podcast’s remarkable journey.

Decoding Content Creation: Strategy and Execution

Patterson underscores the importance of understanding the audience’s needs and creating content that is not just informative but also valuable. They stress the crucial role of subject matter experts within the team in crafting technically rich and authoritative content. The episode also touches upon the challenges of writing and the invaluable assistance of an editor in refining the content, ensuring that it communicates the intended message effectively.

Growing a Podcast: The Art of Guest Management

The making of a successful podcast starts with establishing a rhythm and momentum. Initially relying on personal networks for guests, Patterson and their team now utilize a scheduling tool, providing two dedicated slots each week for recordings. This move has not only simplified the process but has also made it more efficient. With the podcast’s growth, maintaining its caliber has become paramount. Patterson suggests a shift to an invite-only format, ensuring a curated guest selection process that guarantees intriguing discussions and captivating episodes.

This episode, overflowing with invaluable insights into creating riveting content and successful podcasts, gave listeners an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Brooks Patterson’s content marketing strategy at RudderStack. From SEO techniques to diverse content creation, from guest management to maintaining authenticity, the podcast gave listeners a peek into the powerful world of content marketing. Through this enlightening conversation, the audience walked away with a better understanding of the complex world of content marketing, the challenges it presents, and the transformative power of podcasts in carving a lasting brand presence.

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